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Since the introduction of supervision and automation systems, control functions have generally been carried out from a centralized control room.  Modern SCADA systems are typically collecting data via industrial IP networks.
The common use of smartphones for dynamic information and the rapid growth of connected devices is creating an opportunity to rethink the relationship of the human and the connected devices. The way of users interact with their smartphones is more naturally done with geographic representations and icons than a browser with menus. The historical approach of piloting, diagnosis and maintenance of a SCADA system is fully open to reconsideration.
A mobile user expects to receive notification of the events that relate to them.  It can be cumbersome and time consuming to navigate through screens designed for a control room workstation using a mobile device.  The mobile user expects relevant and personalized information, delivered automatically in the context of their job function and responsibility.
The availability of geo-tags and intelligent sensors is rapidly transforming the workplace into a highly connected world.
Indoor Positioning System (IPS) technologies based on geo-tags such as BLE Beacons, Near Field Communications (NFC), QR Codes, and GPS (Global Positioning System) signals are now standard in most commercially available smartphones. The IoT world is rapidly evolving with new communication networks such as LPWAN (Low Power WAN), offered by SigfoxTM and LoRaTM, which enables us to rethink the way SCADA installations are deployed.

PcVue Solutions has developed a mobility solution that takes advantage of those technologies (IPS and LPWAN) to allow a secure contextual supervision on mobile.

The mobile user is now able to automatically get relevant information from different types of equipment (IoT or wired) on his mobile device according to their position and function without the need for manual navigation. Depending on the user’s profile, they can be precisely informed of the events related to them and of the actions they can undertake directly from their mobile device.

With PcVue Solutions offer, the user can analyze the situation more quickly and can take action immediately and efficiently, while improving the availability of the system under supervision!

Immediate Benefits

PcVue Mobile Solutions generates benefits for all users based on their role but also across the organization in terms of safety, comfort and efficiency.
There are many applications for this dual IoT & Mobile technologies :

  • Easier and faster monitoring using IoT devices
  • Safety improvements enabled by knowing the location of mobile workers from a central server
  • Linking user preferences to automated control actions such as adapting the temperature of an office to the occupant’s preference
  • Maintenance teams can change equipment set points, analyze trends, and set schedules ... with reduced risk of error since the mobile worker only is presented with contextual information related to their areas of responsibility


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