PcVue Solutions offers its standard PcVue Scada as a special package for bundling with OEM hardware and software solutions. For more than 25 years,  many OEM have chosen PcVue to answer their SCADA requirements, because they needed an independent partner that provides a proven product with a global support.
Selecting PcVue as a SCADA OEM product eliminates complex development and accelerates your time to market. In addition, by leveraging our proven products, our partners are able to focus on their core business and achieve greater success.
Thanks to its R&D department, PcVue Solutions is able to quickly adapt the product features following OEM specific needs (new communication drivers, new graphical libraries,…).


OEM’s Benefits
  • Propose a control solution in addition to hardware devices
  • Reduce your time to market
  • Provide easy to set-up high-end control solution for non-technical specialists.
  • Create ready-made, specific control solutions at cost effective prices


End-user Benefits
  • Reduce development and maintenance time of application
  • Offer a standard behavior for many realizations
  • Dissociate technologies from technical requirements
  • Take advantage of the latest technologies available


Experience a new speed dimension for your SCADA development by using PcVue Solutions vertical layer!

 The notion of vertical layer is an approach which consists in using Add-on’s around the PcVue standard product allowing to build a software solution that covers 100% of the customer’s expectations. For the customer it represents a very advantageous alternative compared to a specific development, which surely has the advantage to be « custom made » but  with bigger costs and maintenance problems.

A vertical layer is made up of the following components:

  • A dedicated configurator: it is an external module, specifically developed according to the customer needs. It allows configuration of the system by using the special vertical terms of the customer.
  • The PcVue Smart Generator:  allows to generate an application automatically importing elements from external sources.
    All the configuration data (standard models and user data) are stored in a database. The role of this smart generator is to browse these data and solicit the configuration interfaces of PcVue (XML) in order to generate the application.
    All the application objects are generated this way (OPC Communication, tags, alarms, historians). Concerning the mimics, the generator instantiates graphical objects in a standard mimic model. The graphical editing is simple and may be manually adjusted.
  • Vertical Libraries: in other words, the PcVue object libraries (graphical symbols, mimic models, generic mimics, generic scripts).They are used by the application generator and developed in partnership with the customer. Developed with the standard tools of PcVue they can easily be enhanced and modified.
    The modification of an object in the library is automatically reflected in the instances in the application.
  • Standard PcVue: the vertical layer approach is based on the standard PcVue version. This aims to simplify and guarantee the maintenance of the vertical solution.  PcVue ensures a forward compatibility of its version, so a vertical layer evolves naturally by benefitting from the latest PcVue functionalities.


Vertical Layer Benefits
  • Application design consists in a description of the project (no development)
  • Fast and easy design even for non-technical specialists
  • Application relies on objects and behaviors that have been designed and qualified in technical / standardization department thus error risk is drastically reduced
  • Object approach allows update of objects or new objects supplies to already existing applications at no risk
  • Compatibility of applications can be guaranteed from one major version to another (supported by PcVue)