Caméras IP durcies



Video Surveillance in Rolling Stock

Vibration and shock are constant challenges for rolling stock applications. A rolling stock video surveillance system must be reliable and rugged enough to monitor events in real-time. Moxa’s rugged IP camera series have been certified with EN 50121 to withstand extreme shock/vibrations and high levels of surge/EMI.

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Video Surveillance in Intelligent Traffic System

Traffic engineers need a constant flow of video showing them current traffic levels, road incidents, and weather hazards. Moxa’s rugged IP camera series deliver a consistent video stream with superior image quality and efficient data usage. System reliability for ITS applications is assured with NEMA TS2 certification and level 3 EMI/surge protection.

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Video Surveillance in Oil & Gas

Video surveillance in harsh environments such as oil and gas fields must use rugged design, be easy to install and manage, and efficiently use bandwidth. Moxa’s rugged IP cameras shrug off tough conditions and optimize network utilization thanks to wide operating temperature (-40 to 75°C, without extra heater or cooling fan), OnVIF support, and Dynastream technology.

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