Energie (IEC-61850)

Optimize error reparabilty

Substation Configuration Wizard

Because substations are such a specialized environment, IT setups will only require a few key features. Thus, simplifying and streamlining the configuration process makes a lot of sense: by reducing the configuration interface to only the relevant network features, setup and maintenance becomes much more efficient. Using Moxa’s browser-based configuration wizard, effectively deploying one of our network devices can take as little as 7 steps. Moxa-Substation-Configuration-Wizard

OS Smart Recovery:
Remotely or Automatically Trigger a Computer to Restore its Entire Software Environment

Moxa Smart Recovery™ allows engineers to automate remote monitoring of a computer’s health and to trigger OS re-writes should a problem arise. These re-writes are made from a tagged copy of the entire system that is stored locally on the computer, created when the embedded computer was first successfully deployed.
 Without a smart OS recovery system, corruption of system software—whether in the OS or in local substation applications—can mean catastrophic failure for remote industrial installations and sites with mass computer deployments. With some estimates of computer failure attributable to software corruption as high as 30%, automated BIOS-level software recovery systems are an extremely valuable design addition to power substation installations.

•Power Shutdown: Auto boot up
•System slowdowns: Configure periodical recoveries to speed things up
•Bootable but damaged systems: Configure a rewrite procedure that will let you know if the damage is in hardware or software
•System crash and boot failure: Use auto-recovery to verify if it’s hardware or software, and resurrect the machine if it’s a software problem