Ethernet Industriel

Suite logicielle de configuration, surveillance et diagnostic : MXstudio


One Toolbox for Every Task

As the network continues to grow, network operators are facing a tough challenge to keep the system up and running. First, you need to learn to use several different network management tools to be able to fulfill different tasks, such as configuration and monitoring. Second, the software are not designed for industrial automation, so you have to struggle through the complicated user interfaces to get the data you want.

Can’t network management be easier? The answer is "Yes".
Moxa’s MXstudio industrial network management suite includes two easy-to-use management software, MXconfig and MXview that can assist you throughout the entire lifecycle.

Empower You throughout Network Lifecycle

MXstudio's three key features: easy configuration, smart visualization and quick troubleshooting, are designed to make network management easy and efficient at each stage of the network lifecycle.

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MXconfig’s mass-configuration speeds up the configuration process, which includes IP settings, redundancy protocol, and VLAN groups, all at one time. With MXconfig, you can make configuration 10 times faster. MXview offers smart visualization to enable virtual network topology, color-coded VLAN/IGMP groups, and other useful device/network status information, making it easier to monitor network health. MXview’s configuration center allows you to select a group of devices to export their configuration files simultaneously for backup, reducing the time required for regular maintenance. MXview’s event playback feature allows you to trace back network events or a particular time frame to locate and identify the source of the problem.

Optimize Network Availability for Industrial Automation  

More importantly, MXstudio is tailor-made for industrial automation, and can help IA engineers achieve easy management, optimized availability, and ultimately reduced total cost of ownership. MXstudio’s unique features include:

MXstudio manage automation network VLAN Visualization 1 playback
  • Auto ring topology
  • Real-time network monitoring
  • VLAN/IGMP smart visualization
  • Event playback
  • Integration with SCADA and third-party network management software
  • Color-coded VLAN/IGMP groups for easy network status monitoring
  • Event playback within 90 days for quick troubleshooting