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MXView - Visualize your network

Optimize Your Network Availability for Mission-Critical Applications

Industrial networking maintenance and troubleshooting is always a major challenge for industrial automation engineers, especially in mission-critical applications, where any downlink or network error can create substantial losses. Reducing mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) is thus a major priority for maintenance personnel.

Moxa’s MXview industrial management software not only empowers network administrators to quickly fix problems,but also pro-actively prevents network interruption. Download MXview trial version today to experience how this easy-to-use software help network administrators.


Smart Visualization, Easy Management

MXview industrial network management software is a graphical platform for you to easily configure, monitor and diagnose the real-time status of an industrial network of up to 2000 nodes.

MXview’s smart visualization allows you to see the actual network topology layout, color-coded VLAN/IGMP settings, device’s port-level status, and even the event playback. System complexity and potential downtime risk is all at a glance.

Customer Benefits

  • Consistent and uninterrupted data communications
  • Reduce mean-time-to-repair (MTTR)
  • Increase overall equipment effectiveness
  • Achieve excellence in productivity

Designed for Industrial Automation Networks

Tailor-made for industrial automation networks, MXview provides unique features
to meet the demands of IA engineers. These features include:

  • Real-time and highly accurate network monitoring (up to 4 decimal points of accuracy)
  • Port-level physical wiring topology
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Integration with SCADA systems

Ideal Network

Ideal Network Management Solutions for Automation

MXView - Key Features

MXview’s 4 Powerful Features for Stable Networks

Smart Visualization

  • Virtual device panel
  • VLAN/IGMP visualization
  • PoE power consumption display

Quick Diagnostics

  • Event Playback
  • Event detection and notification
  • Highly precise packet and trend tracking (up to 4 decimal points)
  • Device –level network availability monitoring
  • MIB browser/MIB compiler

Configuration/Firmware Management

  • Centralized configuration
  • Firmware operations

Comprehensive Reports

  • Inventory/availability reports
  • Device property reports

A Quick Glance at MXview’s Latest Features

 F PoE power consumption display

PoE power consumption display

MXview displays  the interface status and the power consumption of connected PoE devices.

 F Trend

Small packet trend tracking

MXview measures and records traffic and packet size information to up to 4 decimal points of accuracy making you better control the status of PLCs in filed sites.


MIB browser/MIB compiler

MXview can displays MIB parameters from any connected devices, even third-party network devices.

 F report

Inventory report

MXview can generate an inventory report of the device on the network, minimizing maintenance workload.