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SNMP/MMS Management: Integrated Network Monitoring Solutions for Power Substation SCADA

With MMS-capable IT hardware, substation SIs and automation engineers will be able to render a full accounting of the entire network of automation devices right alongside process layer information, all under a single SCADA view. Because substation systems will no longer need to resort to installing and configuring separate NMS software for IT devices, station operators will achieve the combined benefits of more thorough automation integration, improved management efficiency, and savings on deployment costs.


Integrating IT devices via MMS makes substation networks more controllable, more flexible, and more responsive. Administrators may now use MMS to:

•Monitor and control IEDs, switches, embedded computers, device servers, and process data from a single power SCADA interface
•Eliminate redundant SNMP systems for IT hardware while decreasing network congestion
•Configure devices for event triggers, polling reports, or both
•Precisely locate devices relative to other devices within the network hierarchy in a single software view
•Directly configure and control IT hardware from the SCADA
•Batch configuration by CID (Configured IED Description) files

Fiber Interface Diagnosis with Fiber Check™, for ST, SC, or SFP

Using Fiber Check™, substation switches can monitor ST/SC (as well as SFP) connectors, and notify power SCADA systems via SNMP trap or MMS when abnormalities are detected, allowing operators to initiate maintenance procedures. Fiber Check™ reports and alarms may be communicated via web, CLI, or serial console; via MMS reporting or SNMP traps; by a digital relay; or in the system log. Preferably, several methods will be used to provide redundancy. This arrangement further allows system operators real time monitoring of things like transmission and reception power, temperature, and voltage/current along optical fiber connections.

•Fiber status monitoring: Fiber temperature, working voltage, Tx /Rx power
•Auto-warning: SNMP trap, relay, email, MMS, event log