Caméras IP durcies

Rugged IP Cameras for Extreme Applications


Network technologies have dramatically transformed our daily lives, and are effecting an equally dramatic transformation in the field of video surveillance. The demand for greater overall cost-effectiveness—through greater image quality, broader expandability, and simpler installation—has driven the market towards networked digital IP cameras. Moxa’s industrial IP camera solutions deliver non-stop surveillance footage in mission-critical video applications by embracing stringent industry certifications, superior image quality, and easy integration. The modern surveillance network is digital, smart, and efficient, and Moxa’s rugged IP video products excel in this new world.

Why Moxa's IP Cameras?
01 Industrial Rugged Design and Extreme Reliability

Products used in industrial environments must be rugged enough to provide protection against challenging conditions and hazards. Moxa’s VPort IP cameras are designed to overcome outdoor or harsh environments. They can operate in a wide temperature range and come with industry certifications.

02 Superior H.264 HD Performance

Camera image quality is fundamental for any CCTV system. Moxa’s IP cameras include a versatile suite of image quality enhancement and intelligent video analysis (IVA) functions to optimize video image quality in many different environments

03 Extended System Integration

Beyond the cameras, a complete IP video surveillance system also includes NVR (network video recorder). Moxa offers ready-to-use NVR and also provides a variety of software integration tools for use with third-party VMS and SCADA software.

04 Flexible and Systematic Video Streaming Optimization

When using video streaming, IP surveillance systems must strike a careful balance between network requirements and video performance. Moxa’s IP video solutions are versatile enough for any network thanks to dynamic smart algorithms that optimize video streaming.