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Real-Time Traffic Data for Effective ITS Management
To support the constant growth of traffic, most transportation authorities need to maximize road utilization to provide safe, efficient, and green vehicle passage. Intelligent Transportation Systems have arrived at the optimum time as the perfect measure to balance budgets and help clear congested roads.ITS operators need a system that they can trust to deliver real-time road condition data from the harsh environment of their vast road networks to traffic management centers (TMC). To meet that demand, Moxa has a demonstrated a deep background in providing ultra-reliable and truly rugged networking devices that can effectively deliver the data to intelligently manage today's traffic needs.

Safety First

Video monitoring of tunnels, bridges, intersections and highways is essential for not only management of traffic but vehicle safety. Moreover, for public transport users such as bus passengers, video monitoring and recording of bus interiors and bus stops not only provides safety but security as well. For the utmost safety, sensors such as fire alarms, cabinet door contacts, and environmental monitoring units need to provide real-time feedback to the control center. Additionally, the managed switches used in the ITS network need to be secure against unauthorized access. Moxa's IP cameras, video servers and NVRs are both tough enough and advanced to capture and deliver detailed video and images.Moxa's Ethernet remote I/O units can actively notify a control center of real-time alarms. Our latest switch firmware provides both RADIUS and TACACS+ secure access authentication. And for port intrusion, 802.1X is supported.

True Reliability

Highway systems can cover great distances, which means that the network system that supports the aggregation and backhaul of the road data needs to be highly reliable. Network devices that are rugged enough for harsh environmental conditions need also to be able to recover from any network issue so that controller personnel (sensors/video) and drivers (VMS) are both guaranteed to receive the critical information they need. Devices used in the network need to have the longest MTBFs possible not only for maintaining the communication integrity but also as a cost-effective measure against the large distances that equate to high maintenance labor costs. Moxa's long history of producing truly ruggedized devices means just that, and our 5 year guarantee fully demonstrates the quality and ruggedness of Moxa devices. Our unique and flexible redundant technologies such as Turbo Ring / Turbo Chain result in network recoveries of less than 20 ms so that critical data always arrives when needed. And to keep network switches operating through even power failures, Moxa switches are equipped with dual power supply inputs offering multiple redundancy protection.

overview highwayCommunications Efficiency

Variable Message Signs posted throughout road systems need to be driven by intelligent road control systems. City traffic signals and highway metering signals also need to be intelligently operated. The control systems in turn are driven by the vast networks that collect data from the entire road system so that any decisions taken are calculated from a complete traffic picture. High volumes of data are normally transmitted, particularly from IP surveillance systems; therefore the network transmission rate must be sufficiently high enough to prevent not only road congestion but data network congestion. Moxa's switch portfolio provides both fiber and copper full Gigabit solutions which mean the network devices can be aggregated using either 10/100 FE or 1 Gigabit Ethernet onto full 10 Gigabit Ethernet. The high data rates of full Gigabit switch solutions means the data can arrive at wirespeed avoiding delays in delivering crucial data.

Converged Flexibility

Highway systems can cover vast areas and the environmental conditions are both extremely harsh and unpredictable. Therefore when an ITS system is designed it requires extreme ruggedness and a large variety of devices that can be integrated into a stable and trustworthy solution. Moxa provides a wealth of robust industrialized products such as our edge-to-core Ethernet switches,IP cameras, video servers, network video recorders, industrial wireless devices, remote I/O, and many more that can all be converged into a flexible and reliable unified solution to meet the demands of collecting and delivering ITS data.