Passerelles de communication

Serial Device Servers

Lowest power consumption available
Conservative energy usage is necessary to alleviate environmental impact and reduce rising energy costs. Without compromising on features or reliability, the Moxa NPort 5110A series consumes less than 1 watt of power, which is over 50% more efficient than any comparable device server.

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Best-in-class surge protection
High-performance device servers typically provide surge protection for the Ethernet interface and power input. The NPort 5100A is an industry-first to extend surge protection to the serial connection as well, making it better equipped to neutralize high voltages from switching or lightning transients.
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Configuration in seconds
The NPort 5100A's web console has been redesigned for an even easier deployment. A built-in configuration wizard guides you through just 3 steps to get your unit online within 30 seconds. Advanced users can still access the complete set of features and functions for fully customized operation
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NPort 5150A Nport 5130A Nport 5110A
1-port RS-232/422/485 to Ethernet 1-port RS-422/485 to Ethernet 1-port RS-232 to Ethernet
●Extremely Low power consumption (under 1W)
●Triple surge protection (serial/power/Ethernet)
●Fast web-based deployment in 3 steps
●COM port grouping and UDP multi cast applications
●Screw-on connectors for secure connections