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World’s First Industrial Ethernet Swtich with Four 10GbE Ports

Moxa’s ICS-G7000 series* industrial Ethernet switches offer industry leading performance with support for up to 4 10GbE uplink ports and up to 48 Gigabit connections. Working at the top of the hierarchical network, the ICS-G7000 serve as the high-speed backbone of the network to enable end users to connect with the data center.



10GbE Converged Backbone Is Here

ICS-G7000 series* switches are designed to deliver converged data, video, and voice for demanding backbone requirements. The ICS-G7000 series* switches enable Layer 3 and Layer 2 switching and routing intelligence to ensure full wire-speed performance as well as scalability for critical networking applications.

Resilient Availability

To secure exceptional performance, the ICS-G7000 series* switches come with highly resilient mechanisms, including fanless operation with attractive energy savings, 50 ms fast fault recovery, dual imaging, hot swappable protection, as well as isolated redundant power inputs with universal 110/220 VAC power supply range.

Scalable Redundant Topologies

The ICS-G7000 series* switches have a rackmount form factor and are available in 4U modular and 1U stackable configurations with for up to 52 ports. The wide selection of port configuration enables maximum flexibility and cost-efficient scalability for most mid-sized and large-sized networks. To consolidate such scalability, the ICS-G7000 switches incorporate Moxa’s Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain technologies, which enable highly expandable multi-ring topologies with fast self-healing under 20 ms to ensure high availability.


• Up to 4-port 10GbE and 48-port Gigabit (TX/SFP)
• Flexible scalability with modular 4U and stackable 1U options
• Layer 3 routing interconnects multiple LAN segments
• Fanless design
• Hot swap operation
• Dual images for resilient firmware upgrades
• Isolated redundant power inputs with universal 110/220 VAC power supply range
• Turbo Ring, Turbo Chain, and RSTP/STP for network redundancy
• Seamless security with integrated SNMPv3, IEEE 802.1X, HTTPS, and SSH

10GbE redundant ring & uplinks

10GbE redundant ring & uplinks