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With a population estimated at 2.5 billion and growth perspective of 5.2%1 on average, the industrial revolution of Africa will also be digital and numerical.
With over 30 years of activity, ARC Informatique is a global SCADA provider and a crucial stakeholder in project support, providing solutions to control, analyze and optimize company installations in all fields2 . ARC Informatique is present on five continents through branches and in Africa through local partners.
Fully aware that this infrastructural and technological leap cannot be achieved without practical competences; ARC Informatique is announcing a free training program for all technical Engineering Schools in Africa. Mainly created for specialized institutions, the goal of this program is to bring expertise on the continent.
Imagine a smarter Universe where everything is managed by intelligent systems!

Grâce SAMNICK (Cameroonian and French) is in charge of this pilot project at ARC, she talks about the question of development on the continent and introduces us to the program.

1.What does the infrastructure market represent in Africa?
GS: A report3 from the IMF estimates that about 100 billion$/year is needed in investments for infrastructure in Africa, extensions and maintenance combined. This report studies the delays in investment, the development and maintenance needs. lt demonstrates with strong accuracy that a solid infrastructural network needs to be established on the continent: Smart Africa!

2.What are the main sectors for this market?
GS: The answer is not easy because it varies depending on the country. Globally, it concerns building management, production and distribution of energy, transportation, water and waste treatment as well as the ICT (Information and Communication technology) sector.

3.How does ARC Informatique contribute to the market?
GS: ARC Informatique provides solutions offering optimalcontrol over your processes, it allows operators real-time monitoring and better decision making.
These solutions are implemented by previously trained engineering companies and system integrators.
PcVue SCADA, ARC lnformatique's core product, is used in all fields around the world, notably in Africa (Morocco, Nigeria, Gabon, Mauritius, Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Angola, Republic of Congo, Egypt..)

4.Does ARC Informatique give priority to projects favoring the training of the local population and local employees?
GS: This is one of ARC lnformatique's singularities! We recently launched a program designed for institutions focusing on new technologies, in order to ensure quality and production traceability. The program was implemented in Tanzania with KIITEC4 through Jean-Pierre Acquadro (President of ADEI - Technical teaching for developing countries).

Dedicated to Africa this project aims to recruit institutions (high school, technical institutes, engineering school, etc.) and to offer the necessary SCADA licenses and trainings to teachers so they can remain independent.

With this program, we hope to participate in the birth of vocations and the maturation of a strong ecosystem, developing talents and skills.
Be the next institution to benefit from this program for free. Please contact g.samnick@arcinfo.com if you are interested.

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Partnerships & Alliances5

Since its inception in 1981,ARC Informatique has developed commercial partnerships with many international companies operating in various fields, from industries to infrastructures. These partners trust the competence of our teams when we work with them.
Our PcVue Certified Partners Program has been conceived to provide solutions to engineering and system integrators companies, in order to provide training, support and license allowing them to manage the application.
Our development was made by respecting our industry standards, and by maintaining the user-friendliness of other desktop applications.
Our international sales force is made of a strong subsidiaries & reseller network around the world. By relying on our resources in Europe, we were able to achieve a global development.

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1 In Sub-Saharan Africa in 2014
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3 "Infrastructures in Afrika: challenges and future perspectives", High standard seminar organized by the FMI Institute in collaboration with the Multilateral African lnstitute, Tunis (Tunisia), February, 28th - March,  st 2006
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