PcVue Remote Solutions

PcVue Remote Solutions

A software platform enabling operators to carry out their daily tasks with an interactive platform for data management and human interaction.

Designed as a natural extension of the user, it automatically presents relevant information and enable actions control to the mobile worker according to physical location and role in the organization.

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When can our Remote Solutions fit your needs ?

bulletVisualize and control live status of connected equipment near you

bulletCommunicate and exchange information securely with experts at the control center (reports, audios, images, videos)

bulletAccess data sheet and technical documentation of assets nearby

bulletTune parameter during commissioning stage and visualize result on the spot

bulletOptimize staff management with follow-ups for better organization of maintenance

bulletIncrease workers' safety by tracking their position in harzadous conditions




Discover the full capabilities of a monitoring system in your hands!

With the PcVue Remote Suite you will be able to control your installations, get notifications for immediate action and navigate from a full graphic interface.

Our mobile solutions are designed to be intuitive, interactive and intelligent with no compromise on security. Thanks to our deployment console, configure your applications easily with no script required and keep costs under control!


Main Benefits

“Use it in any business and get benefits for your day-by-day process control”

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bulletMake mobile and remote workforces more efficient by giving them secure access to real-time data and the ability to control their assets from anywhere.

bulletIncrease comfort and services thanks to user virtual assistant. 

bulletAllow better responsiveness and decision making of operational teams.

bulletUser-friendly solution allowing quick adoption by any kind of team.

bulletKeep your data safe by communicating through a private and secure instant messaging system.



quote upAn interactive environment as a natural extension of the mobile user !quote down



key features

PcVue Remote Solutions Key Features 

bulletSolutions for any remote or mobile operation with team dispatch and security

bulletOpen to third-party application

bulletA dedicated mobility server with a Contextual Logic Engine

bulletA contextual mobile HMI with proximity & location services 

bulletA mobile interface with notification based services

bulletA rich graphical HTML5 web interface

bulletSecure scalable architectures and communications using DMZ, HTTPS

bulletSupport for Microsoft Windows Active Directory


A suite of products for agile maintenance and control of your assets




Get data by Indoor/Outdoor geolocation and communicate with your team

Intuitive information & control of nearby equipment and facility resources.

SnapVue is a location-based Mobile app that automatically pushes information to any mobile device according to indoor/outdoor geolocation and user’s role.

It features a built-in instant messaging systems (texts, voices, https://www.pcvuesolutions.com/images, videos) for communication between mobile users with a central room.



Be notified on your mobile

On duty-app providing notifications information for immediate action.

TouchVue is a notification-based Mobile app allowing access to real-time information of your process so you can get data from your project from any mobile device (tablet or smartphone).

It relies on the latest technologies offering a cost-effective solution combining ergonomics, security and ease of implementation.


secure navigation

Secure navigation from your browser

Full graphic interfaces for remote monitoring & control from a web browser or a remote desktop

WebVue is a HTML5 web client providing a graphic interface to monitor and control your process from any device.
It uses a regular web browser and an internet or intranet network to provide remote display and control of your processes. A user with appropriate user rights is able to access the PcVue application from anywhere on the network.