Mastering Interfaces between

Humans, Systems & Connected Things


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  • PcVue Solutions enhances the user experience      


  • PcVue Solutions facilitates exchanges between human, systems and connected things  


  • PcVue Solutions ensures reliable and efficient supervisory system for your assets

All the benefits of PcVue 16 in video

PcVue 16 platform introduces new features and technologies to fit the new needs around four axes: Digital Assistance, Solutions for Power Systems & Smart Building, Cybersecurity and Connectivity

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Mini-series that inform you on everything you need to know to [supervise] your systems!
Each series is split in several articles on our blog and episodes on our Youtube channel


PcVue11-1 NEW

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Explore the latest features of the new PcVue 11.1 !

GEO Map Control for GIS Decision Making

Monitor and control assets through an interactive map within PcVue

PcVue 11.1 introduces the power of GIS services allowing live data to be overlaid with geographic maps.  This provides a clear view of the geographical relationships of distributed assets, which is useful for operator decisions such as where to dispatch maintenance crews.

gis map

  • Provides a built-in component for a GIS mapping service
  • Displays interactive maps from the main map providers – Online & Offline are both supported
  • Turns any PcVue symbol into a marker with an associated position
  • Direct loading and rendering of GPX files
  • User friendly map interface without scripting
PcVue Access Solutions

A quick access to your data, anytime, anywhere and from any device

A set of solutions to access your data from any device including HTML5-enabled equipment.

  • Mobile app with responsive design

Reducing the cost of installation and maintenance:

  • No pre-installation required on clients

Without losing sight of the security approach:

  • Integrated Microsoft Windows® authentication: Active Directory
  • Support of secure HTTP (HTTPS)

data mobile


PcVue SNMP Solution

Based on the standard for network management,PcVue SNMP solution provides network communication monitoring of the increasing IP devices

From visualizing data through the built-in libraries to monitoring and diagnostic of any devices on your network, discover the key benefits of our PcVue SNMP Solution.

  • SNMP Manager
  • Support for multiple networks
  • Multi-vendor devices supported
  • Fast deployment for multi-architecture
  • Simple automated configuration
  • Support for SNMP version V1, V2 and V3

 driver it1

Smart Generators: TwinCAT – Beckhoff & BACnet

A step further to the ease of development

The Smart Generators will enable you to generate an application automatically from external sources.

  • Reduce development time importing the TwinCAT project to generate a simple PcVue configuration
  • BACnet™ objects generated from EDE files (promoted by BIG-EU) and from IEIEJ/P-0003-2000 (Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan)

 SG twincat SG bacnet

Data Analysis

Fast and easy: new features for data analysis in a few clicks

Data Analysis is an essential tool for operator decisions and PcVue provides all the necessary tools for data extraction, statistical analysis and reporting.
New components have been added to our solution for end-users with quick and easy analysis of maintenance and operational data.
  • Export data from a trend viewer or a grid  
  • Generate Excel files
  • Analyze your data at a glance with the advanced XY chart control


New libraries

Brighten up your application!

Always mindful to facilitate the time of development, these new libraries with modern graphics were conceived with a modular approach, easy to combine and assemble according to your needs.
It is simple - Select, insert, and profit from the libraries of:
  • Lights
  • Lifts
  • System
  • Security
  • SNMP Moxa switches
  • Object Templates
  • Specific libraries such as Process, BAS / BMS, Electrical Management


WebScheduler 11.1

Integrate your schedule the easy way

The WebScheduler provides visualizing, and controlling all the tasks and events scheduled and stored in the system from any device running a web-browser.
Plan process-cycles, recipes and program routines over the Inter/Intranet and integrate completely new, even more dynamic scheduling scenarios.
This updates version is installed as part of PcVue main installation

  • Enable the control of your schedules from anywhere
  • HMI for BACnet calendar objects
  • New comprehensive design


New License Utility

A unique, simple tool for the license management

  • Gives all license details at a glance
  • Export to text file
  • Remote License Manager included


OS Compatibility

Supported platforms

ARC Informatique has been a Microsoft Certified Partner for more than 20 years and has built PcVue Solutions on the Microsoft platform.
PcVue 11.1 runs on the following systems:

  • Client stations: 7, 8 and 8.1
  • Server stations: Windows Server 2008, 2008R2, 2012 & 2012R2
  • Remote Desktop services
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 & 2014
  • Virtualization with VMware® and Hyper-V™

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Mastering Interfaces between

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