Mastering Interfaces between

Humans, Systems & Connected Things


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All the benefits of PcVue 16 in video

PcVue 16 platform introduces new features and technologies to fit the new needs around four axes: Digital Assistance, Solutions for Power Systems & Smart Building, Cybersecurity and Connectivity

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PcVue offers the essential drivers for the Energy management and the Smart Grid interoperability.
With its IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-104 and DNP3 built-in drivers, PcVue offers high-end features and provides support for standards adopted by most of the main players in the utility sector. Rich data support and a comprehensive implementation of services, all you expect from an open SCADA platform is available in PcVue.

PcVue icon features 6 IEC61850 IEC 61850: Built into PcVue, we support the whole range of objects and services needed to interface with Intelligent Electronic Devices deployed in Power Systems and Substation Automation. The use of a built-in protocol lets you benefit from all of the information model and control capabilities without the headache of setting up and maintaining protocol converters.
PcVue Kema 61850 KEMA Certification: The must-have for utilities. PcVue has received the certificate of conformance for its IEC 61850 implementation from DNV KEMA, the leading testing organization in the power domain. The certification followed testing at KEMA Protocol Competence and Test Center in Arnhem, Netherlands, and verified that the PcVue 61850 driver meets the requirements as defined by the UCA International Users Group. (KEMA certificate).
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IEC 60870-5-104: The telecontrol standard is used in Network Control Centers, hydroelectric facilities,industrial sites, railway systems etc. The IEC 104 driver built into PcVue supports data and services for double commands, breaker positions, measurements and much more.

PcVue icon features DNP3

DNP3: The DNP protocol was developed as a standards-based Interoperability solution between substation, RTUs, Intelligent Electronic Devices and master stations and is utilized in many industries including, Electric Utility/Power Distribution and Water/Waste Water Management. The PcVue Solutions DNP 3.0 driver allows you to control and manage devices locally or from remote.
ARC Informatique is members of the DNP users’ group.

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Mastering Interfaces between

Humans, Systems & Connected Things