Mastering Interfaces between

Humans, Systems & Connected Things


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PcVue 16 platform introduces new features and technologies to fit the new needs around four axes: Digital Assistance, Solutions for Power Systems & Smart Building, Cybersecurity and Connectivity

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Communication technologies originating in Building Management Systems (BMS) now encompasses a far larger market including building automation, street lighting, energy management and Smart Building management and covers a diverse range of facilities and services that have historically been managed by separate systems.
PcVue supports these markets with the major building automation standards and all can be handled by a single PcVue system:


BACnet® : A leading standard for BMS

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Monitoring & control system is able to cover disparate sub-systems such as HVAC and climate control, lighting, zoning, room automation, access control andsecurity, fire detection and energy management. We have included the new BACnet® interface in PcVue to enable the whole range of capabilities to be covered by a single product. The BACnet® client interface provides access to real-time data from your BACnet® equipment across BACnet/IP networks. Statuses and diagnostic information are likewise available for BACnet® communication objects, as are direct means of starting and stopping data exchanges. These tools also assist you during the stages of testing and validation.

PcVue also supports many features for BACnet such as :

  • Support of BACnet® Broadcast Management Devices (BBMD): Gateways for connecting with facilities on sub-networks,
  • Support of Foreign Data Tables (FDT): Address tables to support routing (with interpretation of the BACnet® content) Offline browsing of EDE formatted files for specifying a configuration of BACnet® facilities,
  • Support for Intrinsic Reporting – BACnet alarms notification : PcVue can be configured to be able to receive alarm/event notifications from objects in the device, Support for Schedules and Calendars,
  • User command and feedback,
  • Segmentation support.

BTL Mark Benefits


LonWorks®: A long established communication standard

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LonWorks is a long established communication standard using a protocol created by the Echelon Corporation originally for operating over media such as twisted pair and power lines.
The interface between PcVue and the LonWorks network takes advantage of the LCA Object Server (or LonWorks server). Information about the configuration of the network is retrieved from the LonWorks Database (LonDB) which can be created and maintaned using 3rd party configuration tools. PcVue’s LonWorks interface includes the following features:

  • Compatible with LNS
  • Supports network variables and configuration properties: SNVT's, UNVT's, SCPT's and UCPT's
  • Supports LonMark Object and Equipment Plugins.
  • Local, NSI-Remote or IP-Remote connection to the LonDB

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Mastering Interfaces between

Humans, Systems & Connected Things