Mastering Interfaces between

Humans, Systems & Connected Things


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  • PcVue Solutions enhances the user experience      


  • PcVue Solutions facilitates exchanges between human, systems and connected things  


  • PcVue Solutions ensures reliable and efficient supervisory system for your assets

All the benefits of PcVue 16 in video

PcVue 16 platform introduces new features and technologies to fit the new needs around four axes: Digital Assistance, Solutions for Power Systems & Smart Building, Cybersecurity and Connectivity

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Mini-series that inform you on everything you need to know to [supervise] your systems!
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30 years of experience in SCADA

Global Advanced support  

OEM solutions and branding

Flexible, competitive pricing


All SCADA systems offer real-time monitoring & control functions, including a Human Machine Interface (HMI) to allow the operator to view or change the current state of a process, alarm management, trend displays, data archiving, data acquisition drivers supporting communication with process hardware and  interfaces to third-party software… why PcVue is  worth a look ?

  • Vendor-independence
    PcVue is a vendor-agnostic solution backed by a 30-year history of company specialization in SCADA. Our products are used on tens of thousands of installations throughout the world. PcVue has provided backward compatibility since the emergence of Windows, so you can be confident in your investments and assets future-proof. We are an ISO9001-2008 approved company.
  • 30 years of experience in SCADA
    PcVue is widely used in industrial control, building management, energy management, smart grid, energy distribution, substation automation, security, fire systems, utilities, material handling, transportation, renewables and infrastructure. PcVue is an all-in-one package solution which can supervise all aspects of your assets.
  • Global Advanced support
    PcVue is distributed worldwide. Need a training, support or technical assistance, we can help you throughout the world. As a software company, we have a support team that works closely with R&D, to bring you a high level of support with greater responsiveness. OEM solutions and branding PcVue is available as a ‘white label’ OEM product to support your branding requirements. Major vendors already ship PcVue as part of their standard offering.
  • Flexible pricing
    Our pricing programs for PcVue offer the flexibility required to meet your business needs.

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Mastering Interfaces between

Humans, Systems & Connected Things