PcVue version 11 is now available

PcVue11 NEW

This latest version comes with new features to facilitate and improve your engineering time, so you can provide your customers and partners even better solutions and services!

New librairies

Ease your development and your maintenance!

• Consistent and modular objects
• Customizable modeling of complex objects
• Endless combinations

• Objects adapted to different needs
• Libraries of common objects
• Specific business libraries

• More than 4000 pictures in PNG format
• About 900 animated objects
• More than 100 predefined templates containing instantiated variables, alarms, symbols, treatment thresholds...
• Customizable QuickStart projects
Different styles and resolutions
Ready: Views, alarms, curves, historical, user profiles...


Mobility & Remote Access

TouchVue – Monitoring your systems from your pocket!

touchvueTouchVue provides ad-hoc access to PcVue's data using Smart Phones and Tablets and is ideal when you require information without the associated clutter that mimics sometimes present!
• Browse through your process data,
• Respond instantly to alarms and events, including filtering, masking and acknowledgement,
• Check event & alarm logs, change set-points, check trends...

Designed for maintenance teams, TouchVue® supports alarm notification and contextual access to the related information for first hand analysis


Integrated Planning!

New Web scheduler 2.0: Intuitive WebScheduler interface to manage standard week and exception periods

scheduler• Web Graphical interface
• Access time programs out of PcVue context
• Intuitive, user-friendly and respectful of ergonomic principles


Diagnostics Tools

Monitor your applications & optimize it!

diagnostic1Comprehensive diagnostic information is now available in the Application Explorer.
Hundreds of values and counters related to system resources and performance are accessible in a few clicks.
You can easily visualize data flows between components: Number of data changes, message queues...

• Flow analysis and system resources
• Graphical presentation
• Integrated in Application Explorer


PcVue 11: The Smart Building & Smart Grid  Ready SCADA

Why a Smart Building & Smart Grid Ready?

3d building• Provide a single interface for the supervision of all types of buildings
• Able to interface with equipment from different manufacturers
• Provide maintenance crews and operators integrated tools to reduce costs
• Able to interface with energy suppliers
• Take advantage of these technologies with monitoring tools that you already have mastered
• No need to use specific tools dedicated to energy management
• Offer a consistent environment, controlling both industrial installations and managing energy
• Certified products (KEMA)

Protocols, standards and native features!
• IEC 61850 client
• IEC 104 client
• DNP3 client
• BACnet
• LonWorks
• PICS available
• Dynamic Busbar Coloring

smart logo

Data Analysis - New integrated PcVue module

The new Data Export module allows you taking advantage of your historical data by exporting it to Excel


3 main features are available:

• Extract historical data from both proprietary archive units and the HDS databases
• Export raw and sampled data to Excel for further processing
• Integrated statistical calculations and export of aggregated data into Excel

Sampling, energy metering, number of occurrences of alarms and durations, up-time, duration in faulty states... all of these are at your fingertips both automatically and on-demand


Execution Environment - Take advantage of the lastest Microsoft technologies

PcVue 11 : Platforms

microsoft • Windows 8 for client stations
• Windows 2012 Server for server stations:
  - acquisition
  - archiving
• SQL Server 2012


Trend viewer: Trends comparison made easy

New functionalities

trend• Integration of thresholds
• Plotting curves threshold, min, max
• Special colors show exceeded thresholds
• Offset curves in time

New Smart Generators are also available!

• Smart Generator for SAIA® PCD controllers based on SAIA PG5 project import
• Smart Generator-Harmonas: Starting from your RTC Editor project, this Smart Generator allows you to generate a complete application for Azbil Harmonas facility management systems. Based on a pre-defined library of templates, the generated Supervisor application includes variables, OPC communication, archiving and a ready-to-use HMI

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