PcVue SCADA features

Architectures & deployment

While designing a SCADA system the challenge is to define the right architecture and deployment solutions to meet the constraints of your system, such as:

  • Operating constraints: how many operators involved remote and time range operations requirements…?
  • Functional constraints: high priority vs low priority processing depending on devices, system availability rate, system reliability level, load balancing,on-line modification capabilities, ease of use, devices/supervisor databases consistency, field network speed, Green IT constraints …
  • The  use of the latest technologies of the leading OS, in order to ensure a maximum of continuity of the system
  • Reliability, scalability requirements
  • Security and safety level expected
  • Costs

Since years many customers have been using PcVue to meet the most complex constraints encountered in the industrial world.


Cyber security

PcVue implements the necessary features of cybersecurity to protect the system against the growing threats accompanying the rapid change in technologies and the widespread use of connected users in industry networks.
SSL encryption and  Secure HTTP (HTTPS)  are supported as well as the Integrated authentication Microsoft Windows® (Active Directory) and the OAuth authentication method for mobile solutions.
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