PcVue SCADA features

Data Acquisition

Key Features

  • Wide range of built-in communication drivers – 200+
  • Built-in advanced features (redundancy , time stamped)
  • Development toolkit for custom drivers



  • A single data acquisition platform suitable for any vertical market
  • High performances & reliability
  • Fast implementation and easy configuration – no script


Data acquisition is the general term used for the collection of data from equipment. PLC’s, PAC’s, RTU’s, industrial I/O, Controllers, connected objects, measurement units and meters, fan controllers, protection relays… all fall into this category. In fact just about any device or object that measures or controls anything in the real world. The data acquisition is done using drivers thanks to the exclusive PcVue CimWay engine. PcVue implements thousands of acquisition drivers which can be split into the following categories:

1. Industry and machine builders – Ethernet or serial drivers (modbus,...) - OPC DA/UA
2. Building Management Systems – LonWorks ,BACnet - BAWS certified by BTL  BACnet Testing laboratories
3. Power System Automation - IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 61850 with DNV-KEMA Certification & IEC 61400-25, DNP3
4. Water treatment & distribution - A telemetry interface that offers a large range of drivers commonly used
5. IT - SNMP - To monitor and control network devices
6. IoT - LoRa  - A way to connect any object in your supervision
7. Customized driver - A Software Development Kit for drivers is available for you to develop your own driver

The data acquisition could be disparate and coming from multiple vendors’ devices. PcVue is able to manage a large range of drivers:  from proprietary buses and legacy serial drivers to the latest standards such as OPC UA or LPWan.
In our SCADA solution drivers development are ongoing and new drivers are added all the time.