PcVue SCADA features

Driver for IT

PcVue icon features SNMPPcVue implements SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) the de-facto standard used by IT teams for network management.

SNMP is the basis of many tools and applications used by operators and network administrators for network and device monitoring, management and troubleshooting.

Monitor/control any devices on your network: from the most basic to most secure

  • PcVue acts as SNMP Manager
  • All SNMP versions supported : V1,V2/V2c,V3 – Authentication & encryption
  • PING management (ICMP) for unmanaged devices
  • Multi vendor supported
  • Routers, switches, servers, printers, UPS, PLC, sensors, …

Optimized for large scale networks

  • Up to 1000 SNMP devices
  • 500 concurrent SNMP requests
  • Seamless redundancy

Integration of your devices made easy

  • Built-in MIB browser:

- Online/offline browsing

- Common MIB files installed

The built-in MIB browser facilitates the access to the MIB files
Online browsing allows to easily map a new device connected on the network using the associated MIB files
Common MIB files  are installed so you can connect and configure many common devices (printers,…) with no need to import the MIB files

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Smart switch port management  

  • Traps built-in support

PcVue implements a built-in trap management to use only one variable for the status of a port sent by a trap (link up and link down) which facilitates the treatment for the animation.

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Simple integrated configuration

  • Network
  • Devices
  • Variables
  • Mapping

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Designed for a fast deployment

  • Modelisation
  • Customizable pre-defined libraries of templates

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