Enterprise Historian

Enterprise Historian


Our Industrial Process Historian Software

For critical time based archiving at a fast sampling rate and for small or huge amount of data, a SCADA system SQL based archiving system is sometimes not adapted for these high speed data recording requirements, because accessing and writing to traditional Database tables do require too much processing time to provide adequate performances & optimal analysis quality.

In such cases it is necessary to choose a specific Historian product such as Enterprise Historian to ensure ideal industrial data management.

Acquire, Store, Retrieve, View, Analyze, Control

A platform managing a lot of information

Enterprise Historian is a platform to acquire and store large volumes of information generated from process applications. This data historian software is used in applications ranging from 100 tags to over 1 million tags, demonstrating scalability and performance without the need for special computing hardware. It has the capability to store more than 3.6 million tvqs per second, easily meeting the requirements of high speed applications. Enterprise Historian can obtain data from many disparate data sources, allowing easy access via one central and easy to use interface.

Enterprise Historian is using OPC as the collection methods and supports the next generation of OPC standard thus providing solution at a lower cost and higher reliability.

It stores high volume of data without compression and retrieve that data requested by clients in an efficient ultra-fast manner.

Enterprise Historian is easier to install, configure and maintain than a SQL historian or other proprietary historian solutions, it is plug & play allowing your developers to focus on your core business.

Key FeaturesDesigned for high speed performance analysis

  • High availability; including store and forward
  • Independent log rate time-stamping at the tag level
  • Logical grouping with flexible tag configurations
  • Decentralized logging with centralized network storage
  • Dead band management per tag
  • Built-in performance monitoring
  • FDA21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Operational support 1,000,000 values/second of continuous inserts
  • Data is compacted to minimize disk storage requirements
  • Remote administration

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