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1 - Can I use Contextual mobile solution with the existing scada/hmi solution I have which is not PcVue?

Sure you can. PcVue station will serve the mobility part and be connected as a client to the existing SCADA. You may use standard connection like OPC for instance to collect the data from your SCADA. However you may need to recreate mimics to be displayed in SnapVue.

2 - Is the data of the messaging system are stored  and where ?

Yes, in the project folder of the PC with the Instant Messaging Backend role (where the MSG server is running). Some messages are also cached on the client devices (in the TMP directory of PcVue, and in the local database for mobile app)

3 - What is the standard life battery of a beacon and it’s distance accuracy ?

It depends a lot on the manufacturer.
Some of them may work during 3+ year , some are wired and do not require battery at all. Accuracy is about 2 or 3 meters and could be sometimes up to 5m.

4 - Is there a specific vendor that PcVue recommend for Bluetooth Beacon ?

There is no specific vendor for BLE Beacon. The beacon has to be compatible with iBeacon standard.

5 - How to use a PcVue Software license ?

Step1 : Get the License Utility software . You can find it on PcVue\Bin directory , RmLicMgr.exe file, or download it from the Technical support website.
Step2 : Generate the Host machine signature .DAT (ie the machine  or virtual machine you will install PcVue). To generate the signature file on the target machine you must install the PcVue License Utility (standard PcVue installation or stand-alone installation). Then, you must create a shortcut to the License Utility (licutil.exe) and add the argument -software on the command line. This argument is used to bring up a menu dedicated to software license management in the License Utility.
You have to select the entry "Computer signature ..." and fill the information fields displayed in the generation form of the signature. When you validate the dialog box, Signature<machine name>.dat is created containing the signature of the machine as well as the filled information.
Step3 : Send the signature file Signature<machine name>.dat generated to your usual sales contact for activation request
Step4 : Our logistic department will send you a License protection file (lic.dat or lic<serialnumber>.dat)
Step5 : Copy it on the Host machine into the ETC directory of PcVue
Step6 : Run PcVue

PcVue Solutions License Procedure (pdf)

6 - Where can I find the fixes list integrated between two PcVue versions?

You can download release notes information for each PcVue version in our KB portal / version information category.
If you can’t access to the KB, please contact your sale representative. Please note that you need to register first to get a full access on every articles.

8 - I use an Applicom board (woodhead-molex) which is no more running, how can I fix this issue

You will find in the KB several articles concerning woodhead communication boards, if your problem persists you can contact your local HotLine call center

9 - Can PcVue run as a service ?

PcVue can run as service, to know how to activate this configuration you can refer to the help online of PcVue (Deployment -> Deploying server applications -> Running the Supervisor as a Windows service), or follow the instruction at the following link KB527.

10 - How can I switch from Runtime mode to Development mode on PcVue ?

From the 'Mode' Menu select the desired mode, otherwise right click on your mouse, and select the desired mode.