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1 - Which IoT devices are validated with PcVue ?

Unlike other object protocols, there is no standardization of the data. That is to say that each sensor manufacturer encodes the data as he wishes. We talk about 'payload'.
To do so, our LoRaWAN, MQTT or UDC drivers are very open and allow you to quickly retrieve any type of elements. For example, we can retrieve an integer, a text or an element from JSON. The JSON format is very widespread in the IoT domain. With PcVue you can model your object and with the Application Architect you can quickly and graphically instantiate your IoT. Do not hesitate to contact us, we can advise you in the modeling, the choice of sensors and the IoT solution that will meet your needs.

2 - Is PcVue is able to manager either public and private IoT networks ?

PcVue allows you to report information from a private IoT network and an operated IoT network. You have a range of drivers such as LoRaWAN driver, MQTT or Universal Data Connector