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1 - How to use a PcVue Software license ?

Step1 : Get the License Utility software . You can find it on PcVue\Bin directory , RmLicMgr.exe file, or download it from the Technical support website.
Step2 : Generate the Host machine signature .DAT (ie the machine  or virtual machine you will install PcVue). To generate the signature file on the target machine you must install the PcVue License Utility (standard PcVue installation or stand-alone installation). Then, you must create a shortcut to the License Utility (licutil.exe) and add the argument -software on the command line. This argument is used to bring up a menu dedicated to software license management in the License Utility.
You have to select the entry "Computer signature ..." and fill the information fields displayed in the generation form of the signature. When you validate the dialog box, Signature<machine name>.dat is created containing the signature of the machine as well as the filled information.
Step3 : Send the signature file Signature<machine name>.dat generated to your usual sales contact for activation request
Step4 : Our logistic department will send you a License protection file (lic.dat or lic<serialnumber>.dat)
Step5 : Copy it on the Host machine into the ETC directory of PcVue
Step6 : Run PcVue

PcVue Solutions License Procedure (pdf)

2 - How to access to development Menu

To access to the project development menu, you must:

  • own a development or complete key, otherwise contact your sales representative;
  • Have access rights to the project (Login / Password);
  • Click on F6 to display the different menus (F8 hides these menus).

3 - I have received a new dongle, where should I send back the old one?

You cans send back your dongle to the logistics department at the following address « 2 avenue de la Cristallerie 92310 Sèvres – France », or you can contact your sales representative.

4 - PcVue doesn't see the dongle protection, how can I check if the problem is coming from my computer or from the dongle ?

Test a USB stick on the same port, then try to connect your dongle to another USB port.
If your dongle is still not detected, try the proposed solution in KB717

In case the problem persists, contact your sales representative or our HL.

6 - To whom should I send the .DAT file when I'm in the PcVue update/upgrade license process ?

You can send your license file to your sales representative or contact us at + 33 1 41 14 36 00 / licenses@arcinfo.com.

7 - How can I check what are the options of my PcVue dongle ?

  • Press F4 on your keyboard, go to the Information tab;
  • Use the License Utility application automatically installed with PcVue

8 - How PcVue is accounting the number of variables in my application?

There are two types of variables in PcVue:
Internal variables or tags(Unlimited): These variables cannot communicate with any equipment, they are internal to PcVue. You can define as many as needed.
Communication Variables or tags: depends on the key (maximum number of variables) you have. These variables are mapped to a data acquisition channel.
In order to know how many variables are already mapped:
-    type F4 once PcVue is launched and look at information tab (I/O currently used)
-    Launch Application explorer and look at Number of I/O in the lower right corner

9 - What is the procedure to update or upgrade my PcVue dongle ?

To update or upgrade a PcVue dongle, you should use License Utility tool. This tool may be launched directly from PcVue \ Bin directory (RmLicMgr.exe file), or from the interface of License Utility (which is available in PcVue startup menu).
Step 1 : launch Remote License Manager tool and select « Ask for license upgrade » option in order to generate an « Ask for license upgrade » file corresponding to your dongle (<Key number>.DAT). This file should be e-mailed to your license supplier : license@arcinfo.com
Step 2 : your license supplier should send you a code file (*.Lic file) in return for free if you have a valid Maintenance contract. Or you might need to purchase the desired update/upgrade. In that case you should contact your PcVue sale's representative
Step 3 : launch Remote License Manager tool and select « Upgrade my license now » option in order to upgrade your dongle, after selecting the code file (*.Lic file) sent by your license supplier.