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1 - Can I use Contextual mobile solution with the existing scada/hmi solution I have which is not PcVue?

Sure you can. PcVue station will serve the mobility part and be connected as a client to the existing SCADA. You may use standard connection like OPC for instance to collect the data from your SCADA. However you may need to recreate mimics to be displayed in SnapVue.

2 - Is the data of the messaging system are stored  and where ?

Yes, in the project folder of the PC with the Instant Messaging Backend role (where the MSG server is running). Some messages are also cached on the client devices (in the TMP directory of PcVue, and in the local database for mobile app)

3 - What is the standard life battery of a beacon and it’s distance accuracy ?

It depends a lot on the manufacturer.
Some of them may work during 3+ year , some are wired and do not require battery at all. Accuracy is about 2 or 3 meters and could be sometimes up to 5m.

4 - Is there a specific vendor that PcVue recommend for Bluetooth Beacon ?

There is no specific vendor for BLE Beacon. The beacon has to be compatible with iBeacon standard.