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Technical Support

1 - I use an Applicom board (woodhead-molex) which is no more running, how can I fix this issue

You will find in the KB several articles concerning woodhead communication boards, if your problem persists you can contact your local HotLine call center

2 - Can PcVue run as a service ?

PcVue can run as service, to know how to activate this configuration you can refer to the help online of PcVue (Deployment -> Deploying server applications -> Running the Supervisor as a Windows service), or follow the instruction at the following link KB527.

3 - How can I switch from Runtime mode to Development mode on PcVue ?

From the 'Mode' Menu select the desired mode, otherwise right click on your mouse, and select the desired mode.

5 - I need to give remote access to PcVue technical support, which software tool do I have to install?

We usually use remote access software solutions (TeamViewer or other). If you don’t have one already installed, our tech support team will send you a support link in order for them to take remote control on your computer.

6 - I would like to find technical advanced information about PcVue on the web, where can I find information?

If you are looking for technical information concerning PcVue, you will find most answers in the KB.
You can also follow our videos tutorials on our Youtube Chanel.

7 - I use PcVue but I don't have a valid maintenance contract, where can I find technical support?

Technical support may be found on the support section of PcVue website (address : https://www.pcvuesolutions.com/index.php/support-a-services), among which :

Should an emergency issue requires priority access to technical support, users are free to contact their sales engineer in order to regularize their contracts.