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1 - Can PcVue run on Linux ?

PcVue can not run in Linux environment.
ARC Informatique, the PcVue editor, is Microsoft Certified Partner, which ensures its associates’ level of expertise and compliance to Microsoft technologies.
Only operating systems that belong to Microsoft Windows family are likely to run PcVue.
For the list of supported OS for a given PcVue version, refer to the « Readme » file / System requirements section. See system-related items of this FAQ.

2 - Is PcVue compatible with a Virtual Machine such as VMware or Hyper-V ?

PcVue is fully compatible with virtualized environments such as VMware or Hyper-V.
Further information may be found at the following link

3 - I want to run PcVue on a tablet, which kind of material should I use?

If the tablet runs a Windows operating system that is compatible with a given PcVue version, then this PcVue version may be directly installed on this tablet.
However a PcVue installation located on a distant machine may also be run from a tablet by using a « light client », such as:
•    A Remote Desktop Protocol client (with the appropriate license (CAL) installed);
•    A Web browser that implements Java (until version 11.2 ) or HTML5 (PcVue version 12 onwards).
Advantech provides ready-to-use tablet configurations that are compatible with PcVue.