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1 - I want to use WebVue, should I use a specific Server to run the Web server?

It depends on the number of Web Client you will connect

  • Less than 5, you can use an existing Scada Station / HMI Station or Server Station
  • More than 5 you will need to use a specific adapted machine (Ram, CPU...)

In both cases, we provide a tool named PcVue Web Deployment Console (WDC) to help you to deploy your Web Server.

Be aware that the web server hosting PcVue web components is based on Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)

The performances of the WebClient depends also on the Web browser you will use, the best performances we observed are with Chrome, Firefox and Safari. 

To perform the best deployement, with cyber security approach, we strongly invite you to read carefuly our whitepaper 'Web & Mobile client for supervision systems' 

You can also refer to PcVue help for more information.