Customer Testimonial - With PcVue 12, everything's going well!

Roiret Transport is a long-standing partner of ARC Informatique, the company has been implementing and managing SCADA supervision for public transport operators (tramways, airports, etc.) for many years.

In 2000, Roiret developed its first applications with PcVue and the line 1 of the Lyon tramway. Since then, more than a dozen applications have been put into service throughout France and abroad.

For IT compatibility matters, Roiret Transport is now migrating some of these PcVue applications version 9, 10 to the latest version 12, we thank them for this testimony!

"As part of the obsolescence management, we have updated the applications to PcVue 12 on several sites: Orleans, Toulouse, Angers, Tours and Rabat tramway (Morocco).

After a phase of application porting and factory platform testing, the on-site deployments were successfully completed, confirming our trust in the PcVue software package. ยป

roiret mimic

Mimics of Tramways installations

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