Smart Parking Valet System for Crown Resorts Sydney

This project focuses on high-end service experience for visitors through premium valet parking system.

City of SydneyPcVue SCADA serves as a data manipulation system to collect data from PLCs, and forward each log entry to an external SQL server.
There are 3 major sections of system in this design :

  • Data acquisition group: vertical parking with sensors
  • Proximity sensor and data processing unit: radar sensors for vehicle measurement (length, width, height)
  • Central Parking Management System: parking bay monitoring, ticket printing & reading, valet info distribution system

System 1, 2, and 3 are parking lots assigned depending on the length of the visitor's visit. For long stays, cars are sorted and placed in higher capacity parking bay. For short period of parking, cars are parked at single level parking lot for quicker retrieval time.

Each lot comes with proximity sensors to detect stationed vehicle, it triggers a signal back to the SCADA monitoring system to indicate cars are safely parked at designated location/ area (bigger vehicles like minivans or wagons would not park at elevated parking due to vehicle dimension and weight, instead they would park at normal parking space only.)