PcVue SCADA features

GEO Map Control for GIS Decision Making

ey Features

  • Displays interactive maps from the main map providers – Online&Offline both supported
  • Support for more than 50 map providers
  • PcVue symbols as custom markers  – Popup and mimic open on markers
  • Direct loading and rendering of GPX files – No import/export necessary
  • Tools provided to edit GPX files and create map caches



  • Monitoring and control of distributed assets
  • Quickly identify your assets on the map
  • Fast access to the values
  • A user friendly interactive map to facilitate the decision making


A geographic information system (GIS) is a computer system designed to manipulate, and represent all types of geographical data.
GIS is a relatively broad term that can refer to a number of different technologies and operations also called services such as:

  • Cartography: the design and production of maps
  • Mapping: the process of using maps delivered by geographical information systems (GIS) to display map and overlay with customized markers
  • Geoprocessing: to manipulate spatial data ie : find the shortest route on street network

PcVue GEO Map Control

The PcVue GEO Map Control is a built-in PcVue component client for a GIS mapping service which :

  • Displays an interactive map provided by map providers
  • Online & Offline both supported
  • Allows an easy map manipulation with integrated functions such as panning and zooming
  • Displays overlays with custom dynamic objects (Markers) including PcVue animated symbols

Map COntrol en

Map cache creator

PcVue is delivered with tools to easily generate map and associated markers

  • The map cache creator:
    • Retrieves map data online
    • Prepares the map cache for offline runtime usage

gis control 1

  • The map markers editor:
    • To create and to edit GPX files

gis control 2