Test our SCADA software for Infrastructures

Infrastructure plays a vital role in promoting the life  quality of individuals and institutions worldwide, whether they be governmental, civic, or private in nature.
Upgrading it thanks to scada for infrastructure is an essential factor in socioeconomic transformation, for effective infrastructure attracts investment and is a major factor in economic development. Nowadays it has also to be founded on advanced and safe solution to avoid any security risk that is why our software solution are particularly recommended for oil & gas companies.

Discover the benefits of a scada software for your infrastructure

The benefits of a fully programmable logic controller (PLC) are tremendous for a critical infrastructure. In addition to that PLC approach, the versatility and scalability of our Scada software solutions allow each project to be fully individually configured and developed into a unique framework, an efficient management system adapted to your infrastructure, moreover if your market deals with building management system.
We are specialists in providing safe and automated monitoring systems and we assist our wide range of clients providing limited-cost systems supported by outstanding design, effectiveness and customer service. Our experience in the scada for infrastructure sector covers:

  • Airports - automated safety control systems for runways, fire detection, baggage handling, energy distribution...
  • Rail and bridges – automation control systems for several applications...
  • Road – traffic flow management solutions...
  • Tunnels – environmental and security control systems...
  • ...and much more.

Benefits of SCADA software for Infrastructures

  • A common system for centralized management of your assets
  • Flexible and scalable deployment of multi-level architectures



  • High-availability system architecture
  • Fire detection protocols management
  • Scenario Event Management (SEM) for traffic and lanes
  • Video surveillance and security camera integration system
  • Integration of interphone over IP (emergency call etc.)
  • Automatic mimic generation from AutoCAD® files
  • VCR (playback) functionality support
  • Operation Aid System interface
  • GIS (Geographic Information System) interface
  • Alarm filtering by geographic zone, bridge, tunnel, railway etc.
  • Archiving and reporting (SQL Server) for diagnosis analysis in case of failure
  • Support of many communication protocols


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Some references


Rion-Antirion Greece
Millau viaduct



Other references
Highways: Autoroutes Sud De La France - A10 - A14 - Viaduc Millau...
Tunnels: Croix Rousse Lyon - Monaco - Mont Serin - Payon - Saint Gotthard - Sanef Autoroute A1 - Paris Tunnels - Side Tunnel Brenner Austria...
Airports: Paris - Roissy - Charles De Gaulle - Le Bourget & Orly - Brest - Campia Turzi - Carrasco - Casablanca - Geneva - Lille - Maldives - Marseille Marignane - Melbourne – Fiji - Tahiti - Philippines - Nice - Lyon St Exupery …
Parking: Sepadef (Paris la Défense) – Nantes (France) – Paris Orly Airport -  Nice Airport – Louvre Museum – Monaco – Strasbourg Airport  - Lyon Park Auto...

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