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Transportation and logistics comprises a diverse industry including all modes of transportation for goods and people.The markets are on the move. Due to advancing globalization, declining trade barriers and an increasingly mobile workforce, the transportation and logistics industry continues to enjoy above average growth. Transport companies and logistic service providers are expanding their service offerings both upstream and downstream.

Scada software is useful to help transportations industries to success.

Increase transportations facilities

In this context, SCADA in transportation has become pivotal to reach optimal efficiency and maximum security in each and every aspect of passengers and goods transportation. From signaling, traffic control, to baggage handling systems, supervision systems manage increasingly vital systems in ever-growing infrastructures.

An open platform for transportation system

PcVue has a long and varied experience in providing automated solutions for the transportation industry. For more than 30 years, our company has been offering a wide software range for professionals in need of intelligent transportation management and solid engineering. Our SCADA Software solutions are characterized by open architectures, a large number of native data acquisition drivers and high scalability which enables them to work easily with diverse platforms and various area as industry or energy. Relevant for any kind of transportation system, our products ensure monitoring and process control for airports, railways, trams, rail tunnels, subways and highways all over the world.

 Our strengths in Transportation

  • High-availability system architecture
  • IP video surveillance integration
  • Interphone over IP integration
  • VCR functionality support
  • Operation Aid Systems & GIS interface
  • Alarm filtering by geographic zone, line & station
  • High resolution mimics (max. 10,000 x 10,000 pixels).
  • Native management of multi-screen displays & video arrays.
  • Graphic animations with specific color-to-object coding (electric circuit, sidings, signals etc.)
  • Development kit for third party applications interface (vehicle tracking, space-time diagram etc.)

Some references

South Korea



Sri Lanka

Other references 
Grenoble Tramway - Montpellier Tramway - Lyon Metro - Marseille Metro - Sncf - Perumka Railway, Indonesia - Smrt, Singapore Metro - Santiago Metro In Chile - Istanbul Metro In Turkey - Cairo Metro In Egypt - Adelaide Metro In Australia - Mexico City Metro - Train Signalling Main Control Center Colombo (Sri Lanka) - Auckland Train Signalization...


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