PcVue SCADA gets KEMA certification for its 61850 Client driver

Paris, September 13, 2013 – PcVue, The SCADA in the PcVue Solutions portfolio, has received the certificate of conformance for its IEC 61850 implementation from DNV KEMA, the leading testing organization in the power domain. The certification follows testing at KEMA Protocol Competence and Test Center in Arnhem, Netherlands, and verifies that the PcVue 61850 client driver meets the requirements as defined by the UCA International Users Group.

“With this certification by an independent and accredited testing lab, our customers have confirmation that our IEC 61850 client driver will support their highest requirements in smart grids environments. It demonstrates our commitment to develop SCADA solutions that meet today’s recognized standards” states Pierre De Bailliencourt, ARC Informatique’s President.

Our client driver allows monitoring and controlling data by taking advantage of the comprehensive set of services defined by the IEC 61850 standard. It also offers an innovative handling of the information model. With the ability to manage up to hundreds IED devices on one or more network, and built-in support for data acquisition redundancy, our IEC 61850 implementation intends to fit in the more demanding architectures.

Committed to supply software products for open, multi-vendor systems, the use of a built-in protocol lets our customers benefit from all of the information available from devices that adhere to this standard.

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