PcVue China introduced PcVue Solution Mobile Infrastructure on EP China 2015

ep china 2015

PcVue China took part in the Electrical Power China 2015 as a member of the SinoFrench Smart Grid Center.

The EP China 2015 is the most influential trade show in Asia in the field of Electricity, showcasing technology and equipment for power generation, power distribution, renewable energy, electric vehicles, etc.

The Sino French Smart Grid Center was created in 2015 on an initiative from PcVue China with the department of Electrical Engineering of CAU in Beijing. Since then, many companies have joined the center such as Pilot, Locamation, Nanjing Yali and Schneider.

PcVue presented its last innovation in SCADA Mobility Infrastructure (M.I.) which certainly surprised all the visitors and gained their interest.

PcVue SCADA M.I. is revolutionizing the way company will manage and organize their workforce by empowering the operators with a technology that simplify their work process, increasing the installation safety while enabling the users to roam freely on-site.

PcVue has brought the idea to display contextual information related to a person’s position into reality for SCADA. A Wifi connection, a NFC and Bluetooth enabled device like a smart phone for the operator, and a PcVue Mobility Server are just what you need to make your work efficiency increased.