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A version resolutely forward-looking !

PcVue 12 is a forward-looking software solution that provides an open and scalable platform. Built on the latest technologies, it features an innovative web and mobile HTML5 platform based on the EasyMobileTechnology, specifically developed by ARC for secure and easy deployment. This version comes with an IoT LoRaWAN driver to aggregate data from connected things, and a new Universal Data Connector for limitless interoperability. Let's discover the details of this new PcVue version !


PcVue 12 at a glance !


Solutions for all mobile workers with a fully renewed Web & Mobile Platform

Today's supervision is mobile and connected and relies on IT infrastructure. This OT/IT convergence requires a platform adapted to meet security constraints and cross-platforms solutions. PcVue 12 has a unique Web & Mobile platform that allows connections and secure authentication (Https and OAuth technologies) and offers a unique user experience with HTML5 technology.

Integrates IIoT in your application

The proliferation of connected objects and cloud platforms opens new opportunities for systems but also generates a lot of data that needs to be converted into information relevant to the operators. PcVue 12 extends its connectivity and opens new opportunities to integrate IoT connected objects. With a new LoRaWAN driver, PcVue 12 supports hybrid architectures using traditional automation controllers combined with IoT objects such as wireless and self-powered sensor.

New connectors for an infinite interoperability

Interoperability and openness are essential for interconnecting systems increasingly complex. PcVue 12 introduces a new way to exchange data and unleash interoperability thanks to the Universal Connector. This SQL bridge connects various data sources from ERP, to Azure database or even social networks among others.

Extends services for your market needs

PcVue 12 includes features designed for the Energy, Industry and Transportation markets.


Be ready for the Web & Mobile Challenges !

WebVue 12 - Web HTML5 Client

Supervision of installations via a thin client is essential and must be efficient, simple and secure.

WebVue 12 is a built-in HTML5 web client that relies on the latest technologies offering a cost-effective solution combining ergonomics, security and ease of implementation.

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  • UX for better efficiency : seamless and smooth interfaces
  • Easy to deploy with a web console, no client installation, openness to third-party web client
  • Secure architectures (DMZ) and communcation(HTTPS)
webvue main


  • Supervision of your process using any device
  • HTML5 & CSS built-in
  • Monitor multiple mimics concurrently in various web browser tabs
  • Multi-users capacity
  • New RESTFul/Json Web services toolkit 

TouchVue 12 – The mobile app for immediate action

A renewed interface for better user experience and optimized performance.

TouchVue 12 is a mobile app notifying the mobile user of any event on the process and providing an interface to react. 

  • Access the data from several sites
  • New user interface
  • Real-time information and notifications (alarms, values, trends) for immediate action (acknowledgments or control values)
  • Archived data (events logs, historical trends)
  • Contextual mimic display
  • Data filter depending on user profiles
  • Watchlist for favorite variables to watch

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  • Ready to use - No extra development - Easy to add to an existing PcVue project
  • The easy notification solution
  • Fill the gap where remote access and light clients are not enough
  • Help both sub-contractors and end-users in increasing productivity
  • Give managers an eye on their site
  • Cost effective solution
  • Lean on PcVue user rights




EasyMobileTechnology - The deployment made easy

The EasyMobileTechnology ensures a fast, easy and secure configuration & deployment.


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  • A tool designed having the sysadmin in mind
  • Make the deployment process as simple as possible for system integrators
  • A tool that meets the constraints of IT
  • Can be used as part of the documentation and auditing of web servers
  • Facilitate diagnostics
Webconsole en 
  • Deployment of web services and web apps on IIS
  • Data protection management
  • Certificate management
  • IIS auditing / diagnosis


Connect [any] Things !

Universal Data Connector

A new way to exchange data

PcVue 12 introduces a new Ado.net-based connector allowing to interface with an infinity of data sources thus opening up to DBMS, ERP, MES, CMMS, Big data, REST services, social networks, file,...

  • Request handler for 3rd party on-premise/cloudbased RDBMS
  • Link to ERP, MES, CMMS, Facility Management
  • Facility management
  • Communication to Social Networks
  • Connexion to REST Services

PcVue on social networks!

Publish infomation from your supervision on social networks

100% automatic publications?

Yes, PcVue can tweet regularly information linked to a city (water quality, air, ...) or tweet on exceeding the threshold
of a measurement (electrical failure, risk of flooding, ...).
PcVue can also gather content from a third party information system  : relay the public calendar of the city, publish the schedules of the town hall during the school holidays, indicate pharmacies on duty ...

IoT - New driver for LoRa

PcVue connects Objects

  • Easy to deploy architectures : wireless & self powered sensors
  • Objects seamlessly connected to PcVue
  • Support for hybrid solutions with legacy devices and new IoT devices
  • Take advantage of the PcVue data treatment for your IoT

IoT En

New and updated drivers

Beyond good performances


  • Fast and easy OPC integration thanks to new Smart generator OPC DA
  • More interoperability with the support for OPC UA- DA


  • Expanded performances allowing very large amount of data
  • Support for 100 000+ SNMP objects


Fit your markets needs !


BACnet [R]evolution

BACnet openness, interoperability, performance.

BACnet Smart Generator based on templates

  • Designed to instantiate BACnet objects quickly & easily
  • Customizable templates * (available  in PcVue 12 update)


SIEMENS integration

Smart Generator TIA Portal

Import the elements from a TIA project

  • Variables
  • Communication

Generate your PcVue project

  • Filter imported elements
  • Customization


  • Update the PcVue project on TIA configuration changes


Substation automation

Dedicated features

IEC 61850 client driver

  • Additional services support
  • File Transfer
  • Setting Groups

Support for IEC 104 outstation points in Templates



Railways integration

Urban, Main lines, Stations

Graphical libraries

  • Railways signalling: Train, metro, tramway
  • Stations equipement: ticketing machines, gates,...



Get your project ready in few clicks !

Updated Quickstart project

Create your project with a ready-to-go configuration and no script

New project templates that fit latest UI/UX trends
  • 3 New styles: Industry, Dashboard, Web
  • 2 Color themes: Day/Night
  • 4 Highlight colors

Advanced Configuration Environement

Optimize the creation and the maintenance of your project

Application Explorer

  • New configurations
    • timestamp quality labels
    • default associated labels
    • populations
    • function keys
    • line printers
  • Audit of active sessions

Application Architect

  • Support for more data acquisition items: IEC 61850,
  • BACnet
  • Support for archive units, log lists
  • Ability to model and generate application files
  • Excel lookup by expression


File transfer - Embedded features benefits

New ways of exchange

  • Manage files from devices
    • Configuration file, COMTRADE, COMFEDE …
  • Implemented services
    • Browsing, Download, Upload, Delete
  • Support for:
    • IEC 61850
    • DNP3
  • 3 ways to use it
    • User interface in the Application Explorer
    • Scripting via SCADA Basic verbs
    • Background automatic one-way synchronization (aka mirroring)
  • Facilitate exchanges with devices
Take advantage of the latest platforms

Client stations

  • Windows 7 (SP1), 8.1 and 10

Server stations

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 (SP1), 2012, 2012 R2, 2016 and 2019
  • Data acquisition & historical data servers
  • Web server
  • Remote Desktop Services

Microsoft SQL Server

  • 2008 R2, 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2017

supported plateforms


Previous version:

PcVue v.11.2