Smart Generator FactoryLink®

A new lease of life for your FactoryLink® applications — at minimum cost! 

Are you seeking to renew your FactoryLink® based applications?  ARC Informatique enables you to migrate your project data while ensuring maximum compatibility and security.

Our PcVue Solutions offer incorporates a migration tool, SmartGenerator. This enables you to convert a very high proportion of your FactoryLink® application to PcVue. The migration uses a wizard process and requires no special development. You can convert:
• The mimics and mimic templates
• Local and shared libraries (symbols, pictures)
• The set of variables for the application (including variable tables, alarm configurations and histories)
• OPC configuration if any (OPC servers and OPC groups).
• Links between variables and OPC items
• Math & Logic procedures — these are transferred and commented
• All of the VBA code used in the mimics

With the Smart Generator, 75 to 100% of most FactoryLink applications can be automatically migrated to PcVue Solutions applications!



As a partner of USDATA for many years, ARC Informatique was integral to development of the graphical tool (Client Builder) for the versions of FactoryLink® 7®.  At ARC Informatique, that software package has evolved since then while retaining its compatibility with previous versions. Now it is available as an independent module, FrontVue 4.0, integrated within PcVue.
The set of the graphic modules in FactoryLink® (Client Builder) is therefore essentially compatible with PcVue without conversion.

A quick choice!
If your choice concerns the functionalities of the new SCADA, but also the technical and financial investments for migration, you have to take into account:
• The capacity of the new SCADA to handle existing functions and behavior as well as the large scale that is often vital with FactoryLink® applications.
• Future developments of your project in terms of technology and system architecture.
• The opportunity to minimize the effort of training the operators and the development teams to use the new tool.
• The costs of the new licenses.

Our capacity to handle the functionality of FactoryLink® applications 
Beyond conversion of a single-station application, without custom application software, maintenance remains complex and difficult for FactoryLink® client/server architectures and for processing via the FactoryLink® PAK module (Programmer Access Kit).
PcVue already contains the set of tools for managing this kind of application. A C library is delivered with PcVue that lets you compile the drivers and tasks linked with the PAK. A tool is also available to migrate the Reporting functions of FactoryLink® applications. An enormous gain is thus achieved for all complex applications.sgfl_2
Once the application has been migrated to the new software, it is equally necessary to maintain the new application. Many other products let you replicate a FactoryLink® application’s functions, but they involve complex script processing. So awkward maintenance of an application with numerous lines of script is required, with associated costs.
Thanks to its plentiful native animations and its intuitive HMI, PcVue lets you retain the functionality and behavior of the FactoryLink® application while minimizing the use of scripts. Maintenance is greatly simplified!

Ability to handle large-scale applications 
The latest version of PcVue facilitates the handling of complex architectures and large numbers of variables. Many architectures are supported (client/server, Terminal Server, redundancy, WebClient, WMWare etc.) and it offers users the same availability levels as FactoryLink® stations without needing specific development.

Minimizing the training effort for operators and development teams
Here is a single application view in both FactoryLink® and PcVue environments:sgfl_1

Reducing the cost of new licenses 
At ARC Informatique, we are well aware of the importance of your initial investment in your FactoryLink® applications. So we recommend a particular business-oriented approach to migration projects. Our sales and technical teams are available to help you to assess the most suitable measures for sustaining your applications.

Available support for the new product and offer of a demonstration
Our subsidiaries worldwide are available to help you to assess migration of your applications and the best conversion strategies. Demonstrations are also possible, without effort on your part, to show the rate of migration of your FactoryLink® applications to PcVue.

Don't wait any longer, migrate to PcVue!

If you are intersted to be contacted for FL migration to PcVue, please fill the request information form.


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