PcVue SCADA features

SDK – Software Development Kit

As an open SCADA Solution PcVue offers a large range of SDK that will help you to develop your application and answer to very specific customer needs in any cases!

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Which SDK for what?


Generic Import Toolkit


The Generic Import Toolkit – External DataBase import

Using the PcVue Smart Generator import tool (see Advanced Configuration Environment chapter) a well-constructed XML file can be analyzed as to generate automatically a ready-to-use configuration database. This ability may well be of interest to persons wishing to use a descriptive format that is not specific to the PcVue software and which can therefore be read by other, mostly web-oriented applications.

Why using Import Toolkit ?

  • To externalize PcVue DataBase configuration & being able to import it automatically
  • For OEM partners who needs to define a bigger database which includes not only PcVue database