Data processing and reporting


PcVue icon features Universal Data ConnectorPcVue features a Universal Data Connector based on a SQL bridge ADO.NET allowing to interface with an infinity of data sources thus opening up to DBMS, ERP, MES, CMMS, Big data, RESTservices, social networks, files,...The Universal Data Connector handles all the connection, and redundancy mechanisms dramatically reducing the risk of errors and the development time.


data processing 1PcVue offers all the necessary tools for data extraction, stats and reporting to cover the need for information.
PcVue records real-time data to a SQLServer database with its built-in Historical Data Server.
PcVue viewers allow displaying logged events and alarms, as well as historical trends for short term analysis.


data processing 2For long term analysis, comparisons, statistics and regulatory compliance, detailed Excel reports are often required. The built-in Data Export of PcVue is able to export statistical data from the archives to an Excel file.


data processing 3

For advanced reporting features including data retrieval, graphic report design, advanced report generation and publication features, with a user friendly no-scripts interface, PcVue offers a built-in connection to the reporting software Dream Report.

In addition, for maximum flexibility and high-level of customization the reporting platform SQLServer Reporting Services can be used with PcVue.



Data Export

Data Statistics from PcVue to Microsoft Excel®

Users want to visualize and analyze PcVue data using the familiar features available in Microsoft’s Office® suite of applications, including Microsoft® Excel®.  Analytics must be reliable, secure and able to calculate Key Performance Indicators.

Thanks to the PcVue built-in DataExport features, users with little or no development experience are able to configure and deploy analytics. The Data Export features combined with Microsoft technologies provide powerful new ways for PcVue users to build sophisticated data exportation.

Data Analysis

Fast and easy: new features for data analysis in a few clicks

Data Analysis is an essential tool for operator decisions and PcVue provides all the necessary tools for data extraction, statistical analysis and reporting.
New components have been added to our solution for end-users with quick and easy analysis of maintenance and operational data.

  • Export data from a trend viewer or a grid  
  • Generate Excel files
  • Analyze your data at a glance with the advanced XY chart control



Download Data Export brochure (pdf)