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11 - Is PcVue compatible with a Virtual Machine such as VMware or Hyper-V ?

PcVue is fully compatible with virtualized environments such as VMware or Hyper-V.
Further information may be found at the following link

12 - On which kind of hardware can my PcVue project run perfectly?

Here below, minimum hardware specifications:

  • Processor - x64-compatible AMD or Intel CPU (or equivalent) - 1.4 GHz dual core minimum.
  • System Memory* - 4 GB of RAM.
  • Available hard disk space - At least 10 GB.
  • Graphics - 1024×768 display for Windows Server platforms. In addition for Windows Client platforms, support for DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver.
  • Network Interface Card - At least 1.
  • Drives - A DVD drive, as appropriate, is required for installation from disc. An available USB port is required for the hardware protection dongle.

13 - Can I build a SIL project with PcVue? (Safety Integrity Level)

It is possible to realize projects according to standard SIL 1 or 2 using PcVue.
Several SIL2 PcVue projects have already been commissioned

14 - How to access to development Menu

To access to the project development menu, you must:

  • own a development or complete key, otherwise contact your sales representative;
  • Have access rights to the project (Login / Password);
  • Click on F6 to display the different menus (F8 hides these menus).

15 - I have received a new dongle, where should I send back the old one?

You cans send back your dongle to the logistics department at the following address « 2 avenue de la Cristallerie 92310 Sèvres – France », or you can contact your sales representative.

16 - PcVue doesn't see the dongle protection, how can I check if the problem is coming from my computer or from the dongle ?

Test a USB stick on the same port, then try to connect your dongle to another USB port.
If your dongle is still not detected, try the proposed solution in KB717

In case the problem persists, contact your sales representative or our HL.

18 - To whom should I send the .DAT file when I'm in the PcVue update/upgrade license process ?

You can send your license file to your sales representative or contact us at + 33 1 41 14 36 00 / licenses@arcinfo.com.

19 - How can I check what are the options of my PcVue dongle ?

  • Press F4 on your keyboard, go to the Information tab;
  • Use the License Utility application automatically installed with PcVue

20 - My PcVue application will be used in several countries, how PcVue can handle the language switch and translation?

PcVue configuration environment (menus, dialog boxes...) can be displayed in 2 selected languages among 12 : German, Spanish, English, French, Italian, Polish, Latvian, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, simplified and traditional Chinese. Texts in graphics and mimics can be displayed in 2 languages with possibility to switch from one to another in run-time. 

A translation Import/Export Tool allows you to export, modify and import the text strings used in mimics, mimic templates and symbols. The tool is especially useful for large projects and for projects using the Supervisor's language handling capability.
it exports all strings used in the project's mimics, translates them to another language using a third party tool and then imports them back into the project as the strings for that alternate language. Efficient and time saving to ensure all strings in the projects are translated.