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21 - Can PcVue run on non latin OS such as Hebrew, Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese or Japanese ?

Yes, PcVue can run on different type of OS.
PcVue menus are also available in 12 different languages German, Spanish, English, French, Italian, polish, Latvian, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, simplified and traditional Chinese.

22 - My application has been developed in 4/3 format and I want to update it for a 16/9 screen, what should I do ?

In order to change the format of a project, you must first change the application settings in the workspace property (Display -> Workspace Properties).
It’s possible to modify the size of a mimic in the properties of the window (Window -> Window Properties), then readjust the location of the objects in the view.

23 - Can I create my own library and use it for any project ?

PcVue contains several ready-to-use libraries. But it is also possible to create custom reusable libraries, using the Library Manager from the Explorer tool (for more information you can refer to PcVue help).

24 - Which kind of librairies can I find in PcVue to create easily a nice and functional application ?

Several shared libraries are available in PcVue for different domains (industry, building,   energy ...), you will find these libraries using the Library Manager from the Application Explorer tool (for more information you can refer to PcVue help).

26 - How can I be updated about PcVue news release and release note?

In order to get the latest version of PcVue, you can contact your sales representative or look at Latest news section of our web page. You can also define your newsfeed preferences (version update, events,...) once you are registered in our newsletter section.
For release notes, you can look at Version information category of our KB.

28 - Can I resell PcVue as an OEM version with my own brand ?

Yes, it is possible for you to customize PcVue and make your own OEM version. Contact your sale representative.

29 - I don't speak English or French, but I would like to get some support on PcVue ?

PcVue offices may be found in several countries worldwide. The list of these countries may be found here : https://www.pcvuesolutions.com/ => see « Countries » menu
Technical support teams may be reached (by phone or e-mail) in the list of countries displayed at the following  link

30 - I want to know more about the PcVue references you have in my countries ?

You can send an email to marketing@arcinfo.com, you can also contact your area sales representative (Contact-us)