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32 - How can I be updated about PcVue news release and release note?

In order to get the latest version of PcVue, you can contact your sales representative or look at Latest news section of our web page. You can also define your newsfeed preferences (version update, events,...) once you are registered in our newsletter section.
For release notes, you can look at Version information category of our KB.

34 - Can I resell PcVue as an OEM version with my own brand ?

Yes, it is possible for you to customize PcVue and make your own OEM version. Contact your sale representative.

35 - I don't speak English or French, but I would like to get some support on PcVue ?

PcVue offices may be found in several countries worldwide. The list of these countries may be found here : https://www.pcvuesolutions.com/ => see « Countries » menu
Technical support teams may be reached (by phone or e-mail) in the list of countries displayed at the following  link

36 - I want to know more about the PcVue references you have in my countries ?

You can send an email to marketing@arcinfo.com, you can also contact your area sales representative (Contact-us)

37 - I need a PcVue training, should I go to a specific location or can I have a training in my premise?

If you want to attend to a training you can contact your sales representative, or look at our website training calendar for France (Calendar). Our different international offices do conduct in-house training as well. Get in touch with them.

There are several types of training (beginner to expert), these are done in our premises or at the customer (depending on your need). You can get training path details on this page.

38 - Which kind of scripting language or SDK I have in PcVue to perform specific treatment?

Two types of languages are available on PcVue: Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), and SCADA BASIC.
Please note that many animations are already built-in PcVue and don't require programming.
There are 3 SDK (Software development kit) available for PcVue:

  • Manager toolkit : a toolkit for interfacing with real-time and alarm data managers for PcVue;
  • Protocol toolkit : a toolkit to implement your own integrated data acquisition drivers;
  • Web services toolkit

39 - If I have a PLC communication issue on PcVue, how will I see it on my mimics ?

Variables in PcVue application display NS COM error message in the event viewer or in the application Explorer when they no longer communicate with any PLC.
For instance, measures'values appear with question mark (?), and bit values appear with a customizable specified color. Several system variables are automatically created to provide communication status.
There is also information on the quality of the variable, VTQ (Timestamp and Quality), see KB728

40 - How can I link directly data from my PLC to automatically create the PcVue Database & avoid double data entry ?

PcVue proposes the "Smart Generator" tool which allows to export automatically data from your PLC to PcVue. This tool can communicate with several types of equipment; you will find more information following Smart Generator link.