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41 - I want to run PcVue on a tablet, which kind of material should I use?

If the tablet runs a Windows operating system that is compatible with a given PcVue version, then this PcVue version may be directly installed on this tablet.
However a PcVue installation located on a distant machine may also be run from a tablet by using a « light client », such as:
•    A Remote Desktop Protocol client (with the appropriate license (CAL) installed);
•    A Web browser that implements Java (until version 11.2 ) or HTML5 (PcVue version 12 onwards).
Advantech provides ready-to-use tablet configurations that are compatible with PcVue.

42 - How PcVue is accounting the number of variables in my application?

There are two types of variables in PcVue:
Internal variables or tags(Unlimited): These variables cannot communicate with any equipment, they are internal to PcVue. You can define as many as needed.
Communication Variables or tags: depends on the key (maximum number of variables) you have. These variables are mapped to a data acquisition channel.
In order to know how many variables are already mapped:
-    type F4 once PcVue is launched and look at information tab (I/O currently used)
-    Launch Application explorer and look at Number of I/O in the lower right corner

43 - Is PcVue compatible with 21 CFR Part 11 ? (21 Code Federal Regulations Part 11)

PcVue proposes many features which can help industries/factories to meet requirements  with 21 CFR Part 11.
Indeed, several options of advanced security are available in PcVue, for example: Impose a password strong, several levels of profiles, audit trail, and possibility of saving all attempts of connections...

44 - I have an old PcVue version, can I update the project to the latest PcVue version ?

Since PcVue provides upward compatibility, it should be possible to update a project from an old version to the latest PcVue version.
Qualification tests are regularly done on typical projects (demo project, specific customer projects) to check and ensure correct project updating from N to N+1 version of PcVue. Therefore, going through successive upgradings between two consecutive versions (from N to N+1), a project may be upgraded from an old PcVue version to the latest version.

45 - I have a project to develop, where can I find some templates to start a quick and nice project skeleton

You can run Quick Start project provided with the PcVue installation, and choose your template, colors, mimics name and size in order to save time at project creation.
For further information, have a look to KB1010

46 - Should I buy a SQL server license to use Historical module (HDS) of PcVue ?

It depends on the size of your database. You can use free SQLServer express version to manage some databases up to 10 Gb.
You will find more information by clicking on the following link: KB815

47 - I want to better know the PcVue references you have in my specific business or industry?

You will find some references on Markets menu of our web site, BMS for instance, or send an email to marketing@arcinfo.com, you can also contact your sales representative in your area (Contact-us)

48 - Can many different PcVue versions work together through client/server networking?

In a networked application, different versions of PcVue can communicate together. However, we do not recommend it because between each release, several fixes and new features are implemented and this may cause some compatibility issues.
In case you have to choose this solution, you should take care of developing your project on the basis of the oldest version.

49 - Is PcVue certified by the Bacnet Test Laboratory as an BAWS (BACnet Advanced Work Station) ?

Yes, PcVue is listed as BACnet Advanced Operator Workstation (B-AWS) by the BACnet Test Laboratory (BTL)
PcVue is able to communicate with BACnet devices via BACnet/IP.

50 - I use PcVue but I don't have a valid maintenance contract, where can I find technical support?

Technical support may be found on the support section of PcVue website (address : https://www.pcvuesolutions.com/index.php/support-a-services), among which :

  • Videos displaying PcVue features, technical tutorials and demos (also available on YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/user/PcVueTutorials )
  • A knowledge base which provides various articles related to PcVue and associated topics.    

PcVue users without a valid maintenance contract are free to contact PcVue hotline for technical support by email at services@arcinfo.com. Their requests will be taken into account but will be handled with lesser priority than those of users who have valid maintenance contracts.
Should an emergency issue require priority access to technical support, users are free to contact their sales engineer in order to regularize their contracts.