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51 - What is the procedure to update or upgrade my PcVue dongle ?

To update or upgrade a PcVue dongle, you should use License Utility tool. This tool may be launched directly from PcVue \ Bin directory (RmLicMgr.exe file), or from the interface of License Utility (which is available in PcVue startup menu).
Step 1 : launch Remote License Manager tool and select « Ask for license upgrade » option in order to generate an « Ask for license upgrade » file corresponding to your dongle (<Key number>.DAT). This file should be e-mailed to your license supplier : license@arcinfo.com
Step 2 : your license supplier should send you a code file (*.Lic file) in return for free if you have a valid Maintenance contract. Or you might need to purchase the desired update/upgrade. In that case you should contact your PcVue sale's representative
Step 3 : launch Remote License Manager tool and select « Upgrade my license now » option in order to upgrade your dongle, after selecting the code file (*.Lic file) sent by your license supplier.