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51 - I have a project to develop, where can I find some templates to start a quick and nice project skeleton

You can run Quick Start project provided with the PcVue installation, and choose your template, colors, mimics name and size in order to save time at project creation.
For further information, have a look to KB1010

52 - Should I buy a SQL server license to use Historical module (HDS) of PcVue ?

It depends on the size of your database. You can use free SQLServer express version to manage some databases up to 10 Gb.
You will find more information by clicking on the following link: KB815

53 - I want to better know the PcVue references you have in my specific business or industry?

You will find some references on Markets menu of our web site, BMS for instance, or send an email to marketing@arcinfo.com, you can also contact your sales representative in your area (contact-us)

54 - Can many different PcVue versions work together through client/server networking?

In a networked application, different versions of PcVue can communicate together. However, we do not recommend it because between each release, several fixes and new features are implemented and this may cause some compatibility issues.
In case you have to choose this solution, you should take care of developing your project on the basis of the oldest version.

55 - Is PcVue certified by the Bacnet Test Laboratory as an BAWS (BACnet Advanced Work Station) ?

Yes, PcVue is listed as BACnet Advanced Operator Workstation (B-AWS) by the BACnet Test Laboratory (BTL)
PcVue is able to communicate with BACnet devices via BACnet/IP.

56 - I use PcVue but I don't have a valid maintenance contract, where can I find technical support?

Technical support may be found on the support section of PcVue website (address : https://www.pcvuesolutions.com/index.php/support-a-services), among which :

Should an emergency issue requires priority access to technical support, users are free to contact their sales engineer in order to regularize their contracts.

57 - What is the procedure to update or upgrade my PcVue dongle ?

To update or upgrade a PcVue dongle, you should use License Utility tool. This tool may be launched directly from PcVue \ Bin directory (RmLicMgr.exe file), or from the interface of License Utility (which is available in PcVue startup menu).
Step 1 : launch Remote License Manager tool and select « Ask for license upgrade » option in order to generate an « Ask for license upgrade » file corresponding to your dongle (<Key number>.DAT). This file should be e-mailed to your license supplier : license@arcinfo.com
Step 2 : your license supplier should send you a code file (*.Lic file) in return for free if you have a valid Maintenance contract. Or you might need to purchase the desired update/upgrade. In that case you should contact your PcVue sale's representative
Step 3 : launch Remote License Manager tool and select « Upgrade my license now » option in order to upgrade your dongle, after selecting the code file (*.Lic file) sent by your license supplier.