November 2019 - PcVue 12.0.11

PcVue has recently been updated with new features and enhancements!


  • Support for included mimics and popups in WebVue
  • Support of the Safari web browser built-in iPad OS 13.
  • Support of SCADA Basic modes INSERT and REMOVE for form Controls (except TreeView)
  • The font size of a text entered in a send text animation is the same as the one for displaying


  • BACnet exception handling : handling of exception schedule has been reworked to improve interop with devices that do not clear obsolete exception entries themselves.

Data acquisition

  • It is now possible to write commands when equipment is in error (writes commands are now sent based on the frame status instead of the device status).

Data export

  • The file opening after data export can be disable if the user does not have the desktop rights.


  • 2 critical issues (Windows update issue, WebVue user name issue) and 39 other issues have been fixed