Your needs, our services and our development are intertwined.
Because a real commitment is the key to a fruitful partnership, our technical engineers are at your side from analysis of specification to commissioning on-site. They can intervene both in the design phase and during the implementation on site.
To provide you the necessary skills for the success of your projects, our experts dispense trainings internationally.

In addition to training on product, we offer complete support through the following phases:

  • Study of specifications
  • Conception, Functional Analysis and Test
  • Installation, Virtualization and Network
  • Assistance during development and on site

The implementation of a project often involves random or unplanned aspects that may become a R&D remit. That is why the Research and Development department works closely with the Support team, in order to give them the necessary means to help you achieve your goals and intervene on the realization of specific features.
This proximity between all three parts is the pillar of our service offering.

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