Smart Parking per il Crown Resort di Sydney

Smart Parking per il Crown Resort di Sydney

PcVue SCADA parking sydney

A project to provide a high level of service to users of the guarded parking lot at the Crown Resort in Sydney.
The PcVue SCADA solution collects data from PLCs and forwards it to an external SQL server.

There are 3 main systems in this project:

1- A data acquisition group : vertical parking lot with sensors
2- A proximity sensor and data processing unit: radar sensors for vehicle measurements (length, width, height)
3- A centralized parking management system : parking lot monitoring, ticket printing and reading, parking attendant information distribution system.

Parking spaces are assigned according to the duration of the visitor’s visit. For long stays, cars are sorted and placed in a higher capacity parking lot. For short stays, cars are parked in a single-level area for faster recovery times.

Each lot is equipped with proximity sensors to detect stopped vehicles, then a signal is triggered to the SCADA monitoring system to indicate that cars are safely parked in the designated location/area (based on vehicle size and weight).