SnapVue - Demo area

SnapVue is a location based mobile app which uses geo-tags such as BLE (Beacon Low Energy), NFC, QRcode to localize the smart device and display relevant information and control to the mobile user.

  • A demo server allows to connect and test SnapVue
  • In this page you can download SnapVue and test it
  • You’ll find QRCodes to scan and check the result in the app
  • It’s also possible to use NFC or BLE if you have one using the ID mentionned below each QRcode
  • You can also download the document with all the QRcode and print it

STEP 1 : Download the app

STEP 2 : Open SnapVue

Scan the QRcode to connect the demo server

Or configure the server manually

Host adress

Tap on the server to connect

STEP 3 : Check it out!

Click on the market you want to test below

Go to home menu and scan QRcodes

Tap on the simulation variables

Click on your business to test !