Transelec – CHILE

Transelec – CHILE

PcVue SCADA platform has been selected to control Alto Jahuel substation

Transelec, Chile’s leading supplier of high-voltage systems, strengthens its electrical system and improves the robustness of its operations.

With almost 10,000 kilometers of lines and more than 60 substations, from the Arica y Parinacota Region to the Los Lagos Region, Transelec is the main supplier of high voltage systems in Chile. More than 70 years of experience in the energy sector support its vast expertise, allowing them to provide jobs to more than 500 workers. They also represent a fundamental piece in the country’s progress, since they are the main electric power transmission company in Chile and transport the energy that reaches 98% of the population living from the north to most of the south, with an 84.5% share of the National Electric System.

sottostazione Alto Jauel

Guarantee of computer security for operational continuity and safety of collaborators and contractors

Scalable and multifunctional platform allowing the integration of future requirements

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